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Stir Up Joy only stores information you provide to the website. If at any time you wish to have your information removed from storage at this website, just unsubscribe or send an email to, it will be removed promptly. Stir Up Joy stands for a united and mutually respectful relationship with any person who visits this site - your opinion always matters! Stir Up Joy stands for peace among all races, sexes, nations, etc., and takes a simple approach to life that hopefully transcends the need for categories.


Print on demand sites, such as Zazzle and Red Bubble, are separate companies who make a profit from the production and shipping of their products. Stir Up Joy's products are currently available on Zazzle and Red Bubble and make a royalty from the products sold on that site. Any products you purchase from a Zazzle or Red Bubble link on this site (including products from other artists) will earn Stir Up Joy a commission.  All designs on this site have an automatic copyright, solely the property of owner, Shelly Blake (excluding nature photographs added to the Creative Commons on

Products available are: t-shirts, magnets, posters, cards, post-it notes, stickers, socks, lights, clocks and more product additions that will be featured and available at a later date. 

The information you provide is collected by analytic programs owned by companies such as Google. (It's always good to review their privacy and cookie policies on a regular basis.) Wix, Google, Instagram, Twitter, Ascend and SEO corporations are separate entities and their recordings are solely the responsibility of the companies who collect and use the information you provide as stated in their privacy policies and cookie policies.

A cookie opt-out bar is added for your convenience if you choose to deny these companies the right to use your information. If you don't choose to opt-out, your information, IP address, clicking patterns and information like times and pages you clicked on, how long you visited and what location you clicked from may be used for business purposes. This type of information is collected in order to help businesses better serve and reach like-minded people and customers by understanding and projecting patterns of a relevant audience, connecting people with products and services they are interested in and to give businesses a way to analyze and project trends and website traffic. 

Stir Up Joy only asks for your e-mail so that we can present previews of new blog posts, designs, new additions to the Creative Commons area on the a subscriber's page, and any other information relating to stirring up joy or promoting better health. You can contribute to this site in the comments section (found on the About page), on the subscribers page after logging in, by email or however you choose to communicate - we hope to peacefully collaborate as artists and joy seekers in an open and mutually respectful environment. We welcome any comments as long as they are pleasant - suggestions, constructive criticism, complaints and encouragements are accepted and considered. We strive always to create a pleasant reply. As the business grows, automation services (currently Ascend) will be used to communicate in the future. It will always be the responsibility of the businesses who store your information to be accountable for how they use it. We encourage you to read their policies. Stir Up Joy intends to join with companies and professionals who promote a healthy environment where truth, justice, peace and joy are readily available for all.

Any information or commentary presented by Stir Up Joy is not intended to replace the advice of a Mental Health Provider, Doctor, Social Worker, Pastor or any other Expert. Communications and presentations intend to contribute something positive to society such as meditations, creative commons collaboration, an art gallery and a place to connect with other people in our time of need.


Stir Up Joy is a part of the Amazon Affiliate Program as a way to promote products relevant to either creating a mellow, joyful space or learning how to become more healthy or just to have fun... If you click on an Amazon product link Stir Up Joy will receive a commission on that product or any other product you may purchase. We aim to create and promote products, thoughts and connections that are meaningful and of high quality, so if you relate and were going to buy something at Amazon or a print on demand site, like Zazzle, anyway, why not click on over to help support a good cause? If any of the products you purchase linked from this site are found to be of low quality, we definitely want to know and will remove the links from this site promptly. Stir Up Joy reads the reviews of the products displayed here and makes a decision to add links based on the many positive reviews of people who have purchased the products.