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Updated: Jan 15

"Keep looking up, that's the secret to life." Snoopy

Great advice from a good boy! "Look up" is a common saying meant to inspire people to have hope for the future, sure, but since things are

getting a little crazy out there...  Let's just take this saying literally for a moment. We have to keep our sense of humor alive to deal with the division game of modern society. Life is challenging. We can find more strength and joy by bonding with our Creator and nature to make life a more inspiring experience.

Like so many others, I grew up with a challenging situation that ran me down on a daily basis. Looking out the window at the stars before bedtime when I was supposed to be sleeping gave me the peace I needed to relax and reconnect, and it still does. I would imagine the stars had invisible rays that connected to you if you squinted your eyes just right. Seeing a shooting star still gives me a child-like rush of joy. Seeing the universe in action as a growing, everchanging eternal body that is alive and full of light and wonder is refreshing. Glory to God!

Finding the Perfect Spot

In a world full of electric light, a wide open space with a full view of the night sky in all its glory is rare, but worth the search. Public stargazing gatherings and festivals have been cancelled due to the pandemic, but are a great way to rekindle a sense of awe for the universe. Country roads are a perfect place to pull over, jump up on the hood and soak in the beauty. I choose a lawn chair over the roof these days, but stargazing always brings a smile to my face.

Dark Sky Sanctuaries

Want to join other Conservationists to reduce light pollution? The International Dark-Sky Association, based in Tucson, AZ, is the leader in reducing light pollution worldwide. Their mission is to preserve and protect the dark skies and designate sanctuary areas all around the world. They have listed the Dark Sky sanctuaries on their site.

Bring the Stars Indoors

Winter is rolling in here in Indiana, so I'm getting out there as much as possible now. MrMBB333 is a good sky watching channel on You Tube to keep your eyes on the skies in those winter months. I've linked a few highly rated indoor sky lights to the left and below for bringing the warm and happy star gazing feeling indoors.

If you enjoyed this blog or have any comments or stories, I'd love to hear from you. Keep those stars in your eyes and keep shining your light!

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