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Updated: Jan 30

Creation is a masterpiece, a treasure box; it has been spilled out, and we are alive to see it.

A sunrise or a sunset can inspire a joyful attitude. Being grateful for the opportunity to see such a masterpiece of beauty helps to stir the soul in communion with the Creator. As a toddler my daughter caught me by surprise as we both gazed at a beautiful sunset when she said, "God opened up his treasure box and spilled it all over the carpet!" What a perfect way to express the scene. Creation is a masterpiece, a treasure box; it has been spilled out, and we are alive to see it.

A little dose of vitamin D helps to keep us healthy, boosts serotonin and helps fight depression.

All of nature is drawn to the sun. Animals often sun bathe instinctively to get their daily dose of vitamins. Studies have also shown that depression and other ailments can be treated with light indoors by using a light therapy box.

Studies on Light

Many studies are being done regarding the use of light for a variety of conditions from migraines to depression (not recommended for people who are bi-polar). In a WebMD article, Testing the Healing Potential of Light by Lisa Marshall, she shares the story of Donna Keller-Ossipov who suffered from migraines for years and found that bathing in the green glow of a portable LED light for 2 hours per day as she wound down for the night helped her to be migraine free. Since more studies have shown positive results for light therapy, it is sure to grow in the medical field as an effective medical treatment.

"The wound is where the light enters you." Rumi

Our wounds or afflictions can cause us to seek the light. We become broken and hurt, so in order to heal we seek the light, which in all religions means our Maker, the Divine Intelligence whose wisdom heals us. I choose not to separate the physical light from the spiritual light, since all aspects of the light are healing for us.

Being grateful for all life has to offer creates joy in our hearts, which is a strength and a healing power no darkness can dim if we continually practice it.

"Light is sown [like seed] for the righteous and illuminates their path, And [irrepressible] joy [is spread] for the upright in heart [who delight in His favor and protection]." Psalms 97:11 (amplified version)

Our mood definitely affects everything in our lives, so creating a soothing space to retreat to with lanterns, candles, patio lights, night lights and creative lighting, along with right thoughts, can help boost our sense of joy. Take the sunshine vitamin and turn on the creative lighting and remind yourself every day, you are blessed to see the light. The world will be a better place when you shine your unique light upon it.

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