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Home Is Where You Help Someone

Updated: May 16

Start where you are. Stretch, nourish and nurture your soul so you can be the best you possible.

Thank you Elenora for suggesting that I write about integration. My apologies for taking so long to give my thoughts on the issue. I experienced a family crisis, lived without running water for 3 months while dealing with flare ups from a previous spine injury. With newfound degenerative disc disease, nerve damage and chronic pain setting in, I became drained physically and emotionally. Due to this hardship, though, I have had plenty of time to wrap my mind around a concept I admit I am not well versed at.

Probably one of the most monumental problems in my life as a shy and awkward person with hermit tendencies is how to become integrated into society! I don’t want to create a legacy or even be great. I just want to go home.

Thoughts of integration with worries of homelessness swimming around in my head naturally led me to some hard questions. Is it possible to be fully integrated into God’s Spirit ourselves, or even just society, if we don't help others? How do we help the down and out of society become more integrated? How can we help homeless people get home?

Unity is the global buzzword these days, so it seems like a good time to challenge the people in power with these words: Unity includes everyone. Homeless people do matter, regardless of their issues. There will be no unity until people stop looking down their noses at people who are down and out, and try to help somehow.

I enjoy hearing the wisdom of Buddhist monks, so here is some relevant wisdom that has been drawn from the wellspring of God’s Spirit from Buddhism.

“He who experiences the unity of life sees his own self in all beings, and all beings in his own self, and looks at everything with an impartial eye.” Buddha

That’s sounds a lot like one of the greatest commandments Jesus spoke of to love your brother as yourself. It is a monumental task to accept people for who they are and give them unconditional love first and foremost. If you have hardened your heart like I had about homeless people, check out the YouTube channel, Invisible People, for a more compassionate view.

I would rather try to help someone and fail than to become cold and indifferent to the world’s suffering, caring more about my own ambitions and money than people who are experiencing hardship.

It’s true people who have experienced hard times tend to be more likely to want to help others in their time of need. If we are able to get back up again after a hard struggle, we can reach out a hand to someone else in the hope they will get back up again or even just experience the joy of a full belly that day.

If we choose to try to create unity in this divided world, one question will eventually cross our minds, can I be the best I can be without helping others?

Personally, I need to help others to forget about my own pain for a while. We all are trying to “get home” which really is finding peace, joy and love within. Once that happens, being a joyful giver naturally follows.

It seems so simple, but it isn't. All we can do is try to learn how to integrate our souls into the fold of life by giving our gifts freely while we have this opportunity to live.

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