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Updated: Jan 30

When someone shares their gift with the world, they are giving joy. I'm just spending a little time thinking about all the contributions the diverse human population have given to the world. Some focusing can bring to light an exciting revelation or invention to any of us. The whole process of wanting to solve a problem enough to focus on a solution has brought many people to the point of breakthrough. New inventions have come along that way in food, medicine, fitness, science and literature. How often do people behind the scenes get celebrated for making life better? How many clothes-makers, just for an example, inventors of exercise wear, shoes, hats and hoodies make life more enjoyable, but never get any credit? It's good to sing out some praise for the many unsung heroes who make life better for us all every day.

Being the best we can be and celebrating imagination and faith in a greater measure helps us grow in gifts. It is great to see when people live in their true talents. Celebrating diversity in our own way by sharing our unique gifts adds some spice of life.

Celebrate Being Human

Beauty is within. Who doesn't look more beautiful with joy alive and pumping in their hearts? The beauty shines brighter with a grateful and genuine heart. Love, truth, revelation and joy go hand in hand. Finding joy by uniting with mankind in your strengths moves you forward to a more rewarding existence.

Celebrate Other Cultures

Being part Native American has led me to appreciate the gifts of Native American culture more. Protecting the Earth should be the heart of every culture. Our gifts shouldn't waste or disrespect the Earth that gives us life. Not wasting the resources our Creator has given us, learning from the Earth and all creatures and having a strong sense of community are some of the strong values Native Americans have shown the world. In any culture it is an enriching way to live seeing the connection between God and the Earth, the ancestors, the collective truth in the current community and what it means to be a protector of the Earth.


The way anyone looks at the world is really the important part of life and how and what you contribute to the world as a whole. Race shouldn't be such a roadblock in life. The way we look doesn't tell the whole story. Inside we have beliefs and hopes, dreams and motivations.

Every person can celebrate the miracle and gifts of the human race, the beauty and innovation that has touched the face of the earth alongside all the spectacles. The human race has made its' mark on the earth. Take it for what it's worth collectively, and you've got us in a nutshell. We are beautiful, destructive, creative and lovers of many things. I'm looking forward to learning what's new on earth and doing what I can do to enjoy life and make a meaningful contribution.

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