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Updated: Jan 30

5 Ways to Spread Joy

1. Find a surprising way to express

appreciation to ignite joy in your relationship.

Have you been with your significant other for a while and want to let him or her know how important their love is to you? Celebrate your love for that someone special in your life. Those three little words are powerful whether you're telling Grandma, your kids or your mom and dad. Let love shine out in your life and onto someone else.

2. What's New With You?

Check in with someone you miss and get caught up. Have you lost touch with someone you care a lot about and want to renew your contact? Let someone know you are thinking about them and want to see what

they've been up to. Keeping in touch with those you care about spreads joy and helps you cherish the time you have together.

3. Decorate your space.

Find a unique way to liven up your living area. Fall is a great time to get out the crafts and make fun decorations. Getting everyone involved may be a challenge, but once the music is on, the smiles are flowing and everyone is having a good time, adding some family charm to your favorite room will be effortless.

4. Gratitude is like photosynthesis, you need it to grow.

Become aware every day of just how important gratitude is in the growing process. Live life more fully by discovering this missing link and becoming a more passionate person. Never forget what a miracle life is and how blessed you are to be a witness of it all.

5. Bless someone.

Cards are a great way to reach out and touch someone. Haven't given anyone a card for a long time? Find the perfect card and express yourself. Think about the people in your life you want to bless and find a way to do it. Buy a set of pre-printed blessing cards and share some goodwill. Bless your friends, family or even total strangers.

Adding some simple, but powerful habits into our daily lives can spread joy every day. Be creative in how you express your love and appreciation for people. Add some flair to your personal space, taking care to add things that will make you and the people you love smile more. Blessing yourself by being grateful for everything life has to offer will make you more likely to be a blessing to others.

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