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Find the amazing in common foods often taken for granted.

I'm thankful for the farmers who have committed their lives to

producing the food that feeds the world. Not enough recognition has

been given to them for all their hard work. Organic farmers have given us the best options for fueling healthier lives by eating right. Many

of the best immunity boosting foods are readily available at the local market. I'm going to focus on foods that are inexpensive and easy to

find for most people.

Necessary Changes

I have recently learned I have a compromised immunity and am making life altering changes for the better. Although I am grateful for all doctors do to help people who are either sick or

injured, I have never been more aware that doctors can only do so much. If we go to a doctor, but don't understand nutrition and how it has or will effect our bodies, health and immunity, how can we expect him or her to be able to treat us in the best way? We have to know the symptoms of a compromised immunity and how to help ourselves lay a solid foundation to build a healthier life. Now is always the time to commit to making healthy changes and taking full responsibility for our own health.

Since I have chronic pain from past injuries and do not want to be a pill popper, I created Stir Up Joy to share my search for natural ways to live a more healthy and joyful life. Eating more healthy foods and staying active to boost immunity are some of the most valuable things we can do to take care of ourselves. If we take care of ourselves, we value our life experience more fully. The foods I am adding to my healthy habits are listed below. (Tomatoes, onions, garlic, olive oil, nuts, Greek yogurt and almond milk are also foods that are good to have around.)

I am a big fan of just throwing things together with whatever I have at the time, because it seems like I'm always short of at least one ingredient in a recipe. I've found that experimenting with spices, stews, stir fry's and sauces over noodles or rice can create some delicious surprises.

Common, but Powerful Immunity Boosters

I'll only list the health benefits for each food related to boosting immunity (plus a few surprises). At the end of the day what we will know by eating better is that we are doing our best to create a health generator inside us that will help to keep our bodies in shape for stronger immunity. Joy springs from a healthy lifestyle! (See Disclaimers in the footer below.)

Start the day off with an immunity boost:

1. Oats - Considered a superfood - a rich source of fiber, specifically beta glucans, which are known to boost cardiovascular health. For a more in depth look at the benefits of oats click here.

2. Apples - Considered a superfood - also a rich source of fiber, and an inflammation fighter during infections. See more about apples.

3. Honey - Considered a superfood - depending on the way it is processed, it can be a rich antioxidant, pain reliever and reduce inflammation. More about honey here.

Have a charged lunch or dinner adding these vegetables to your salad or Stir Fry and spread them over Thai noodles, rice or barley:

4. Kale - Considered a superfood - high in vitamins A & C, immunity boosters, potassium and zinc (among others) and touted as a cancer preventative. Read more about kale here.

5. Spinach - Considered a superfood - high in protein, vitamin A, loaded with vitamin K (known for strengthening immunity and heart health) and chlorophyll (also a cancer preventative). This article even states it is a fertility booster! So if you thought you hated it, try freezing it and sprinkling it into your favorite smoothie. It eliminates that stick to your teeth quality. See more about spinach here.

6. Radishes - Considered a superfood - high in vitamin C, rich in B6, potassium, calcium, magnesium and zinc. Known to help aid digestion and fight disease due to the presence of antioxidants. Some people say they have anti-aging properties. For more click here.

7. Carrots - Considered a superfood - high in vitamin C with rich antioxidant properties. Also containing vitamin K, potassium, vitamin A, a vision-booster and a cancer preventative. For more valuable information about carrots, and even risks, click here.

8. Celery - Considered a superfood - full of potent antioxidants, flavanols, vitamin C, beta-carotene and a rich source of luteolin, a compound known for it's anti-cancer and immune boosting properties. Check out the surprising benefits of celery here.

9. Broccoli - Considered a superfood - it is rich in antioxidants, cancer and tumor fighting qualities, folate, calcium and indoles (cancer preventative). Click for more on broccoli.

10. Mushrooms - Considered a superfood - high in antioxidants such as selenium, rich in B vitamins, and potassium. For the many health benefits of mushrooms, check out the Mushroom Council's review. (Who even knew mushroom coffee existed? I will be trying that soon and let you know how it tastes!)

11. Barley - For the complex, possibly risky, but impressive overview of this superfood, rich in vitamins B1, niacin and lignans, a group of cancer preventing antioxidants, check out healthline's blog here.

Reward yourself with a superfood smoothie:

12. Blueberries - Considered by Web MD and many others to be a superfood - rich in antioxidants, vitamin C, potassium and is an anti-inflammatory.

13. Strawberries - Considered a superfood - rich in vitamin C, promotes a healthy heart, is an anti-inflammatory and with regular consumption boosts the body's immunity. For a closer look, click here.

14. Bananas - Considered a superfood - rich in vitamins A and C, iron, potassium and is a preventative for heart conditions and strokes. See more banana facts and benefits, here.

The more you look at common foods and study their qualities and benefits, it becomes clear, we have all we need readily available to create a stronger immunity. With a little digging (maybe even from your own garden), you'll discover just how powerful these common foods are. If you want to add an immunity boosting supplement, I've listed a few with positive reviews below. Happy hunting for more joy and a better immunity. If you have any suggestions or comments, let me know. If you found this blog helpful, please share.

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