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Writing and art have always been therapeutic for me, so being able to have a creative outlet where I can reach out to like-minded people and spread a little joy is priceless. Stir Up Joy's mission is to create unique, high quality designs and to grow an art business, while also sharing encouraging words about finding joy and better health. Even though I've had my share of set-backs, I still hope to be a part of the solution to making the world a better place.  

I have an art background from the University of Southern Indiana, but also attended Columbia College for music business and ISU for film and communication. I studied book making for several years, attending the Midwest Writers Conference and taking online courses as well as working for the Vigo County Public Library in Terre Haute, Indiana, for almost 12 years. This gave me a great opportunity to study illustration for children's books, since I always had a desire to make a living from art, but since I was an introvert and a slow worker, had no desire to teach. My efforts from making a children's book have transformed into a coloring book for all ages. It will be finished sometime in the near future. 


I have been involved in sponsoring a child through World Vision and have supported environmental causes such as writing companies and legislators for cleaner water practices.

I currently live in Indiana surrounded by trees. I have traveled throughout the United States and lived in New York, Chicago, Indianapolis, and Clearwater, Florida. I hope to travel more and share my photographs with others. 

I have practiced art for over 30 years, but am just now venturing out into the digital world in 2020. I would like to give credit to Karla of Fluxy Design who has been a big help getting my hard copy art into digital format. If you want to check out her portfolio click here. I have worked with artists from Croatia, India and Pakistan and would love to continue to work with artists all over the world. 

I love random inspiration, so feel free to reach out to me.

All glory goes to the Creator of heaven and earth!

Be safe in finding joy and everything you may be looking for in life...